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[Poses] offers a smorgasbord of stories, ruminations, thumbnail sketches, and the like, drawn from his decades of experience. That includes guest etiquette—don’t show up early on Thanksgiving; don’t come into the kitchen and talk to the cook when he or she is trying to concentrate. The whole thing is surprisingly easy on the eyes, and the puckish illustrations by
Pascal Lemaître add to the relaxing effect.


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You say you want to feed a hot meal to 1,200 people in a building that’s still under construction? Ask Steve Poses…Poses, owner of the long-established Frog restaurant and its new offspring The Commissary has become an ‘overnight’ sensation in the catering business and the darling of the Philadelphia social and jet-set types who plan benefits and balls.


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Welcome! Frog Commissary has been many things—beloved restaurants, a premier catering and dining services company, the creator of bestselling cookbooks. 

And now we have traded in our toques for this little corner of the web where we hope to give something back.

Frog Commissary at Home is a place to:


Request donated copies of At Home by Steve Poses: A Caterer's Guide to Cooking and Entertaining if you are a library, school, culinary program or nonprofit organization.


Purchase your own copy of At Home by Steve Poses: We donate 25% of all proceeds to support underserved students in Philadelphia culinary education programs.


Access home entertaining tools from the original At Home by Steve Poses’ website, designed to accompany the cookbook.


Explore Steve’s blog on home entertaining and travel.


Learn the history and legacy of Steve Poses and Frog Commissary company.

In 2020, the global pandemic and resulting strain on the hospitality industry made it the right time for us to step away from catering and restaurant operations. With 48 years behind us, we can say we did so at the top of our game, having redefined dining and catering in Philadelphia. Most importantly, we created a pipeline of talented, creative chefs and food professionals who went on to do incredible things in their own right. 


We thank you for supporting us over so many wonderful years. We hope you will find this site useful and that Frog Commissary will continue to hold a place in your heart, memory and home.

With many thanks and heart tarts, 

Christina L Sterner​

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